ARC Team Info

I'm opening up the ARC team to new members.

Briefly, for those who are not familiar with ARCs. An ARC is an Advance Reader's Copy of a upcoming release. This means, prior to a book releasing you will get your copy free in exchange for an honest review of the book.
For my books, you will have your choice to read and review a book prior to my sending the book and making you feel obligated to R&R (read & review).

How It Works:

*A month prior to release, you will receive an email informing of the upcoming release, full book's description, and an option to request to read and review said book.

*Post request and acceptance to review the book, two weeks prior to release, you will receive a copy of the book via book funnel.

*Posting review is the final step. A review for the requested book is to be posted within the first thirty days of the book's release. If you are not able to post a review, just let me know. If I do not hear from you, nor can confirm your review has been posted you will receive ONE follow up email from me. If review does not post and I do not hear back from you, you will be removed from the ARC team.

(If you have any questions, email me at

To join The ARC Team, fill in the form below with your name and email address. You'll receive a request to confirm your subscription to the team, and after, a confirmation w/ your acceptance into the team.


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