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You're about to read Val's part of chapter 19 of Blind Trust. This is my favorite part of this entire book. It touched me in cold spot that slowly warmed as I saw my female character really open up to her friend/lover, to herself, and the audience. I wanted to relay a small part of everyone in this one scene. Where you can be a kick-ass person, you can strong as diamond and tough as gold. But everyone has a weakness. And sometimes, our weakness is out strengths.

Kyle also gets a spotlight in this scene. I mean, it's Kyle. We all kind a fell in love with him in our own way. Enjoy this little snippet from BT.


“Hey, Spirit! What about this one? Charming’s Lost Damsel. Looks pretty good.”

I wasn’t in the best of moods, suffering from a headache. But Kyle had insisted on going to the bookstore. I’ll admit, there is nothing like shopping for a good book. And seeing him smile, searching the shelves for a book he thought I’d like, made me feel a little better.

I missed my parents. I felt like I was using Kyle because I woke up and went to sleep in his house and I felt like I didn’t belong there. Not because Kyle pushed me away, but because it felt awkward, living with someone and not being obligated to pay for anything, clean anything, or cook dinner. And Kyle didn’t complain. I felt like a freeloader. Not to mention he was pulling strings to keep my name off benefactor’s lists. And three months later, I was still alive. I owed him something. I hated feeling like I owed someone because I knew they were going to come back for whatever it was when I least expected it.

In spite of myself, I smiled, taking the book from him. “Charming’s Lost Damsel,” I read the book’s title. The cover was of a princess with a big, blue dress, and a man who looked far from a prince. He had on baggy jeans, wore tattoos, and shaggy hair and the way he held her was less than charming. But that’s what made me want to crack it open. “Okay.”

“Good, let’s buy it and head to the café so you can read it to me.”


Kyle and I held up a sofa in the café area of the bookstore. I lay across him, reading aloud. I didn’t know if he was into it or if he was just making me think he was. But he asked me to repeat certain parts, requested I match the voice of a couple of characters, and reenact a kissing scene between the princess and the gangster. We were enjoying ourselves. He had relieved me of my sadness and I was grateful for that.

“He dressed in a suit he was ashamed of to attend her ball that he wasn’t going to stick around for?” Kyle asked after I finished a chapter.

“Maybe he wanted to grab her attention.”

“And he did. That’s why she chased after him.”


“Chased after him saying, ‘I love you so much that no one can understand our love’.”

I closed the book, holding my spot with my finger between the pages. “You don’t understand that?” I asked, sitting up.

“No, I understand it. A love that doesn’t make sense to the rest of the world. The type of relationship that draws questions. A love that earns looks of confusion or disgust. That’s why the author made a princess fall in love with a gangster. How not possible is that? You don’t hear that stuff happening in real life. But that’s not the point. The point is—”

“That there is no preference in love.”

“Depends on how you’re loving.”

“Apparently,” I stated, lying back across him. “They are loving in spite of the other person.”

He took the book from me, opening it where I’d saved my spot. He read,

She gazes at me with elegance, and I am the furthest from it. But in the way she observes me, I can see that she is oblivious. Who I am, where I’ve been. . . My flaws. . . My poor quality. . . The single fact that living is undeserving. . . These are not concerns of hers. We have the ballroom to ourselves and she knows the King and Queen would hit the roof if they saw me in here. But we don’t care. She crosses the marble floor to me, walking on her tiptoes. “Brent,” she calls. “I want to become yours before the light of day takes over the sky.” I’ve been waiting for her to say those words since the day I saw her lying in the grass near the castle.

“Spirit, all he wants to do is bone.” Kyle flipped through the pages, skipping to the last few.

I snatched the book. “Don’t, that’s cheating. Don’t skip ahead. You’ll spoil the book for yourself.”

He snatched the book back and pushed me to lie back down. “Shh, it’s my turn.” He opened the book and read,

I say to her, “Sonia. . . I’ll have to marry you to do that.”

“Then marry me,” she orders.

“Marry me?” I request.

“I do,” she vows. “Lift me from the ground and carry me to the garden.”

I carry her, lay her in the flowers, remove her garments―.

“Oh shit, Spirit. They’re about to do it!” He went silent. “No, they’re not,” he said, discouraged. “Got my hopes up for nothing. The King came to the garden, saw them naked and ordered Brent to be executed. You think the princess is going to let it happen?” He started flipping again.

“Kyle, we will never know if you don’t finish reading the book.” He stayed quiet. “Read it out loud! The anticipation is killing me. I want to know what she does, or if he dies.”

He slid a napkin in the book and closed it. “You’re going to have to wait until we get home because the café is closing.” He pulled me to sit up.

I pulled him with me as I stood and raced to his truck. “You can read while we sit in the truck.”

We jumped in the truck and I tried to snatch the book from him. “Wait.” He held the book out of my grasp. “Let me tell you something first.”

“Anything. Just give me the book.”

“At your weakest point. . . Whenever you think you can’t move forward or you feel like it’s not worth it. . . Like anything is not worth it. Remember, I’m here. You don’t have to feel alone, you don’t have to feel broken. I’m here to mend you. Okay? I’m here to stitch you up. I’m by your side to catch you regardless of the direction you fall. So, don’t think you have to leave, or turn to drinking, or beat yourself up about things that have happened. I’m more than someone who opened his doors to you, or is doing you a favor with death lists, or someone who keeps food in the house because you’re a human that needs to eat. I am more to you than that. You can talk to me, tell me anything and I’ll do what I can to help you feel better. I will do whatever is needed to take away the pain. Promise.” He handed me the book.

I slowly reached up to take it. My chest warmed and I bit my bottom lip. Kyle had caught me in a bad place earlier. I thought he would ignore it and move on, and it had seemed like he was doing that. But I should have known better. “I hear you, Kyle.” I was trying to let go; trying to break loose and be open and unguarded. I wanted to give him something to make him acknowledge that I knew he was a great guy, and I loved that he didn’t give up on me.

He started the truck and I looked over the back of the book.

“I’m going to take the trip with Nixon to Berlin next month, right after we come back from looking for Anna. Be home when I get back, please?”

I opened the book, still feeling uncomfortable about this Melor assignment. But I couldn’t tell him not to go. He was doing it because Nixon was scared for Chrissy. “I will, Kyle.”

Hope you enjoyed that snippet of Blind Trust! Read the rest of the story today!

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