It's evident that blogging is for release. Not just to share. But to get some things off your chest and... idk have strangers read it.

So let's give it a go.

A year ago, April, I released Burdened the first installment of A Burdened Novel AKA ABN. Since it's release, I've also introduced it's sisters to the world, Tainted (book 2) and Inflicted (book 3). Soon, very soon, the final installment, Plagued (book 4) will be out. All four for of these books were written about a year ago. For Plagued I was content with the it's ending, happy with it's plot, pleased with the massive twist within it's pages. And I was amazed at how everything brought its self together. I took a break from ABN, sent Plagued off to the editor, and wrote five other books. Created (Which recently released in July), and it's sister books Created to Implant and Created to Destroy. Blind Trust (Which is releasing in September), And a few other full length novels and few novellas.

Recently, with Plagued's release around the corner, I've received it back from editor. I'm sure I've disconnected myself from ABN's characters so much to the point that I can't feel them. Which sucks... It sucks because I love Tracey, though she pisses me off some times. It also irritates me that Nathan is dead. Yeah, i know that's my fault and all... And without Nathan, life is bitch for everyone. But who wants to read a book with a bunch of mopey people. Not me.

I guess the point is, bring all this story together and having it not bore a reader is a bit more challenging than I expected. Of course, in no way is it boring, however, I don't want chapters or scenes to feel like fillers, and that's how i feel about a few areas in the beginning. No that's a lie, I feel like after chapter 1, chapter 2 - like maybe 5 are fillers.... And I need to find a way to change that. UGH. #Authorproblems
I'm not liking that at all. But sure, by the end of this week, Sam and I will have this all figured out. Flowing smoothly.

Okay, I guess i rambled enough.
An idea is knocking around in my brain.

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