Four Times Broken

A Burdened Novel

Book Cover: Four Times Broken

Tracey Warren has her last year of high school mapped out--stay focused, graduate in a few months, and get the hell out of Bennington, Virginia. Everything is working out in her favor. Life has finally started to level out, until a car accident sends her plans spiraling out of her control.

Her pedestrian reality crashes around her after an innocuous encounter with a diabolically handsome stranger. Nathan Newcomb has her head and her world altering minute by minute. Soon, she discovers the only cure for the uneasy feelings and abrasive pain is Nathan himself. A man whose very existence balances between violent chaos and rigidly controlled dangers.

Nathan knows the life of a woman mated to a Burdened Sephlem is destined for peril beyond a human’s reckoning, that he’ll be required to literally hand over his heart to her. But Tracey calls to his desire to experience love in spite of the hazards. And Nathan’s impossibly potent magnetism draws Tracey into a bonding that will put her in mortal danger again and again.

Once the pair becomes one, the threat escalates and nowhere is safe. There are enemies that lurk behind every corner. But the greatest danger may be in the bloodlines that course through Nathan’s veins.

Can their love survive or will their burdened souls surrender and fade away?

Published: October 13, 2016
Publisher: Feliant Books
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Reviews:Amazon reviewer on Amazon reviewer wrote:

This book was outstanding to read! I enjoyed every minute of it. I will be looking for the next one. I recommend reading it!

EscapeNBooks on EscapeNBooks wrote:

I am huge fan of paranormal and romance. Mix the two together and it is the best chocolate sundae ever, with a cherry on top. Having said that, I am always a little hesitant to pick up paranormal books because I find that much of the time they are terrible. However, this book is a diamond find. I loved all of the paranormal aspects.

Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock on Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock wrote:

I love the Paranormal/Romance books and was glad I had the chance to review this one, well what can I say but I really fell in love with this book. A slow start but it soon picked up and I couldn't put it down. I love the story line and the characters in it.

Four Times Broken is a second edition of A Burdened Novel - Book 1 (Burdened). Originally released in 2014, it's under gone internal and external revisions and was republished October 2016 under Feliants Books, with the other books in the series releasing shortly after. All 4 books, plus novella, will be released in 2017.

For more information about these changes, follow Felisha Antonette's blog.