Hey Hey Hey

Today I'm supposed to be finishing this New Adult novel I'm working on. I was supposed to be sending it to my two amazing bets readers like two weekends ago. But I've been suffering from a serious writer's block and not knowing how I want this story to end. Should someone die, should someone betray someone else, should a mysterious character pop up and twist this romance around. UGH!! I don't know. I'm at 70K words and was in hope I could cap it at 80K but that's not looking good because I have a long way to go, maybe seven more scenes and with the detail that needs to go in these scenes to pull the ending together...it looks like I'm going to hit 90K. Whatever that's fine, plus it's ultra amazing. But again, I'm stuck in not knowing what to do next. Gosh...

On the upside, I finished a new young adult Fantasy Novel I'll be sending to the editor in a few days YAY, for progress.

I have like three movies I'm supposed to be at the show watching right now, so that I can review. But Nope, stuck in the house, looking at the falling oversize flakes of snow, thinking about this darn book. AGH, Ideas Please Come to MY Head.

Anyway, on a brighter note. Super Big Thanks to all the bloggers who participated in a couple blog tours that ran in Jan. You all are awesome. Can wait to spend more time with you wonderful humans.

I'm off to read a few chaps of this book to see if generates any ideas.

Happy Writing!!!



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  1. Hey Peiri! How are you? How is that adult novel coming along? Please, let’s connect. I would love to learn from you!

    • Hey Tiara, I’m well! How are you? My New Adult Novel is completed and off too the editors. Expecting a early fall release! Thanks for asking. We can definitely connect. Reach out anytime! I know how busy you are though.