I’m sad to say…

Release Delayed (Books: Defected & Plagued)

The release dates for Plagued and Defected (Both from A Burdened Novel series) have been pushed back due to an accident that occurred over this past weekend. My computer took a hard fall and the flash drive that held all my files snapped. Unfortunately, this resulted in the loss of all my updated files. I am working around the clock to get the files back, updated, and ready to release. But with release dates only days away, I'm afraid I'm not fast enough to complete all five books in time.
I know many of you were anticipating the rerelease of A Burdened Novel Books 1 - 4 and the new novella. I am truly, truly sorry I have to push this off. But the files are gone and it requires I reedit and rewrite majority of the work that's now lost.
The new date for all five book's release will be 12/19. Again, you each have my word that I'll be busting my bottom to get these completed and released in time, and backed up on a separate drive just in case.
As an I'm sorry gesture, staring next week Sunday (11/22), I'll be posting a chapter a week from Plagued on my blog, until release. (www.peiriann.com/blog) Look for these full chapters around 5pm eastern time.
I can't apologize enough for the unexpected delay. I thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.IMG_1935.JPG

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