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After a year of self publishing under a pen name, I've decided to make a huge change and embrace my real name. I had previously refused to go by my real name in anything publicly because of past - stalkers, people wanting kill you, ruin who you are- things like that. But how long do we run from what bombards us in our minds. We don't, we embrace it. And that's what I've chosen to do. I am who I am and will be what and who I'm destined to be despite those who want to break me down. "Sound fun!?" No, not really... But I'm taking this by stride.

Who am I? 

I'm an author. I'm a female writer who enjoys telling fiction stories, and adding real life events into said stories. I'm sure every writer puts a bit of themselves in their stories as I have and intend to do. I just like to tell these a little differently.

What I enjoy?

I love diving into my imagination. I keep up with all new and old movies released to the big screens and instant DVD. I also have a thing for a good indie movies. Reading happens to not be hobby but a priority. As an author, you must read, there's no way around it. It enhances your own writing and for me lets me know what ideas someone has stolen (kidding) and encourages me to write something different, test other ideas, and find out what's popular. (I'm a very very picky reader and am very harsh on books I read) Hockey, NASCAR, and track field interest me for sports. I've thought about hiking and mountain climbing, which I'd do, but have yet had the opportunity. White water rafting also seems fun.

Who do I spend my time with?

Three generations of myself. I spend  a lot of my time with my daughter and my mother. We've built a great relationship around grandmother, mother, and daughter. Mom also has a blog over at Loving's Sharing Place. If you're looking for "realistic" spiritual motivation stop by.

What are my writing/author goals moving forward?

Publishing, of course. I, however, will no longer self publish. Therefore, we are moving my career up level. As an author, this career is very demanding, more and more people are requesting my books and requiring more and more reads which is absolutely amazing! However, they can't just walk into a book store and snag my book off a shelf like they want. It makes me sick that I'm unable to meet every reader's demands. So I'm making proper provisions to make that possible. I want to be able to go the mile for my books and my readers! And this is how we make that happen.

What kind of work can you expect to see from me?

I write commercial fiction, YA and NA. I'm a multi genre writer. I can write contemporary, paranormal, fantasy, science fiction... I'm working on mastering thriller and mystery. It takes a lot of reading and researching what makes a strong YA thriller, or a gripping NA mystery. But, before the year is out, I'll have at least a rough draft of my first thriller or mystery novel.

A couple of things you may not see from me is historical fiction, literary fiction (only because I don't fully understand it - yet), adult, and (I'll never write) erotica. I'll writer "steam" scenes to enhance a NA but there will never be a full porn novel written by me. Not saying I have anything against erotica, I'm friends with a lot of authors who write it, it's just not apart of my writing interest.

More general info about me?

I know, I know, the boring stuff.

I lived in Chicago for most of my life until I moved to Arizona. I've lived on this Earth for 25 years and will soon be 26, time flies faster than you know. Life is... Odd... One day you float and the next day you plummet, over the past three years, I've grown used to the rise and fall, which is okay. Apart from momming and writing, I also work and am working on finishing my second degree. I love learning, and if I could, I would go to school for the rest of my life, but I can't because learning is expensive and I have to save for my daughter's many years of college. Hehe. My favorite authors are Dean Koontz and Shakespeare. On the commercial fiction side, Colleen Hoover and Jennifer L. Armentrout.

I stay mostly to myself, but I love engaging with new friends!

Hope you enjoy my blog! 🙂

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