Popping in Again

I am no good at keeping up with social media. I am just going to come out and say it! First step is admitting your flaws. Boom, there it is... I suck at social networking. And because of this, it hurts me in connecting with my readers unless we're direct emailing, which I do with a most of you.
Where most authors would start promoting new releases months to years in advance, I always wait until the last minute which hurts me. But again, I am author enough to admit that. Boom, there it is again.

OKAY, with all that said. The next step after admitting your flaws is fixing them... Right? Great, glad we are all on the same page.

Now I'm going to take this time and update you all on new reads to expect from me this years.

I have three books releasing this year. Fun right! Maybe four. Even funner! In no particular order, Keep an eye out for Plagued, the final installment of A Burdened Novel. Created, the first in a new Sci-Fi series that will introduce you to another new creature, setting, and adventure. We all know how much I love action. It's some of that in Created. Keep an extremely sharp eye out for Blind Trust, a contemporary Romance. And the last book to be released this year will be the second installment of the Created trilogy, Implanted. I may sneak a short story in there somewhere, but to know more about it, you have to check in and stalk me.

So excited about this year!

Kay, I'm going back to editing. Happy Reading!

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