I sat here yesterday and griped about how much stress Plagued was putting me through. Me wanting to ensure that it was perfection. A fully constructed, finished novel totaling a lot of words to bring together 3 other books that contained a lot of words, that I was considering revising or rewriting. Last night, I had a break through and figured out the perfect beginning for this long awaited novel. (Maybe it's not long awaited) But I know readers want it. Which is amazeballs.

I'm so excited about this new beginning, I immediately sent it off to the beta to see what she thinks. *fingers crossed*, I hope she loves it. If it all works out, I'll share it here. With this, I'm more confident about this final installment of ABN. I cannot wait for you to read this book and hear your thoughts. The way everything comes together, I'm sure, no one will be expecting. 🙁 Unless you're already expecting it, then well, I guess the cat is out of the bag... But let's hope the unexpected twists and turns stick with you far after the book is over. And maybe even have you reading back to book one to see what you missed.

Something equally amazing, Burdened, Tainted, and Inflicted is getting an internal makeover. #Exciting. I can never know there is something wrong and not fix it. So myself and others are working on giving previous and new readers a well polished novel. Nothing of the story will change, though, I may be adding a bit of a surprise at the end of each novel. Something to keep in mind, (Only you, reading this here will know this) I'll be putting each book on a special sale the week of Plagued's release. I'll also be giving away the newly polished novel - possibly - in a box set. What do you think?!?!

K ta-ta for now, I have do to some Blind Trust related stuff. - BTW if you haven't pre-ordered it, make sure you do so! LOVE this book, it's a total deter from the others as it's a new adult - suspense romance. The first 11 reviews are all 4 & 5 Stars!! Amazeballs! Get it HERE!

P.S. please excuse any typos. I was very lazy and did not feel like reading back through it as other awesomeness enters by head.


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