The Muse is Lost 

I'm certain, at this point, that it's contagious. Every which direction I turn, I'm hearing the good ole, "My Muse Is Silent". Does this thing not know that I have a deadline I need to meet. Or, better yet, my muse is giving me another book that I never planned on writing. I'm not complaining about that because it's one good book!, but there is another that desperately needs to be completed before the end of April, over 100k words that need to flow into a well rounded story so that I may ship it off to the editor! But no, we are here, arguing. No, we aren't arguing, my muse and I, I'm begging and it's telling me no. 

And I can't force it. Forcing stories doesn't make for good reads. Later, when I'm rereading, I'll end up deleting everything I wrote because it reads forced and maybe flows awkwardly, which is no good. 

So, I wait. Wait for something brilliant to come and my muse to get off her high horse and give me something for THIS story worth writing.

Meanwhile, yep you guessed, I'm writing the other story. Can't let these awesome ideas go to waste, now can we?


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