Tired but can’t stop

This is me after I've executed 6 to 8 thousand words of a book I'm writing in a day

Then my brain races as I'm passed out with scenes and events and characters that force me up and back to the keyboard.
Writing is not just a hobby, it's def not a job, and it's more than a career. It's a passion. A legal way for me to commit crimes, an inexpensive way for me to travel, an opportunity to visit another world, a free way to kiss different men and not feel like a slut - and sometimes women lol, a fun way to explore love without getting hurt, and a beneficial way to explore my creativity.
To write is to breathe...and to breathe is to live...and to live is to dream...and to dream is a gift, a gift that I'm thankful for.

Happy Writing!!

2 Responses

  1. Hey Peiri! I wish I had your zest for writing! I sooo need to drag myself to my laptop and write!

    • Hey Tiara Ray,
      Thanks for stopping by.
      You’d never imagine how much time I spend on my desktop and laptop. But in your shoes, you are crazy busy. If we swapped lives I’m sure I would have to drag myself too. LOL. Happy Writing!! Hope your book is going well!