Where Do You Go?

When I started authoring, as many of you know, I knew no one. I had no social media, no platform. I was literally starting form the ground up. No internet friends or direction on how to grow this platform.

It was...stressful. 

Most people come in with a few Facebook friends, a couple people to tell another couple people to buy their books. Blah blah boom. They're underway.

I wish.

I've published a few books I've loved. (I learned a couple years back, write what you love not what you think other people will love) and these books -- BOOKS -- led me (rather led to me) some pretty AMAZING people. 

Author Confession -- I don't have friends outside of this. The people I talk to nearly everyday are all who I met on the Internet through my books! And these people are amazing! I seriously wouldn't have any other way. I mean, I'd LOVE to meet these chicks one day, but I wouldn't ever change meeting them.

So, yes, this authoring thing is one hell of a journey. Gawd, when I started I had no idea it was going to be this challenging, I didn't know I would share as many tears as I have, I had no clue I would lose as much sleep as I have, I didn't expect to dish out SO much cash for it, I didn't know it was going to take nearly every fiber of my being... I didn't know I was going to love it so much that I put all that stuff on the line. 

I've always loved writing, it's my passion, my life... But authoring... Meeting some of the most amazing people, putting my work out there, talking to people about my books. It's a love I never new I'd possess. And even when I try to but it behind me, telling myself I'm gong to fall back and focus on something else - NOPE it won't let me. 

Anyway, I'm getting off topic. 

I've met some pretty amazing people. Became friends with many. And sometimes, one day you look up, and that friend is gone. Some of my friends who've been there with since my first books and have supported and been my encouragement to keep doing this , disappeared. I'm sure not purposely and we all, eventually, separate and branch off doing our on ish. But. Yeah. I hate losing people regardless of how I've lost them. 

While I'm grateful (so internally grateful) for these awesome ladies who will go to end for (and me for them) and we've never met. I'm also a bit sad to see folks go.
Saw a post on FB today. An author I hadn't known I was friends with (like, how many of do this - are friend with people we have no clue about until a post shows up on your FB) has passed.

And what's eating me up about this was, all these people we call friend and don't really know. I'm super picky about approving friend requests and I don't even send a message saying "hey, thanks for friending me" or "hi, thanks for accepting me request" let alone posting on their walls. I remember posts coming across my walls, some, I just click and go, other I scroll pass. 

I guess I'm just all washed up because I have this awesome author as a friend and didn't know it until now, days after she's passed, and I had nothing to say (besides the "that sucks but God's got another angel and we have her memory. RIP, love" and say prayers for her family) but she was my "friend" I should have more to say, I should feel it and those words not just be words, and I do. 

This, however, made me realize I much more attention I want to pay to these people I call friends. How much more supportive I want to be. How I want to better anything I can, instead of settling with good, I'll push for great.

I needed to get that off my chest. What better way to make use of my blog.

Sad we loss Angela Saffron and I'm praying for her family and friends. 
Enjoy your Sunday folks! See ya next week!

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