You Are What You Do

The best advice I'd say I've gotten this far is "Keep Writing". Or should I say, some of the best advice I've received has been "Keep Writing". About a week ago, I had the opportunity to speak with a best-selling author of the older days, 90's to be exact. Though, the writing community has changed a lot since then, talking to her was a jaw dropped/amazing. She was a sweet heart and gave me all the advice she could, willingly providing everything she knows about the publishing world and writing. I was floored, so happy this woman took out the time of day to speak with me.

Among the many thing she said, however, one of them that stuck out to me was, while I wait, wait for that break through, wait for my moment, wait for my agent, what for any and everything, keep writing.

There's just one thing about that. You also get told to Market and Promote. So, we write and market and promote, and social media post, and live our every day life... WOW. Talk about a job... There's a way though, to not become discouraged as you keep writing. Because truly, it does all payoff one day. I believe that whole heartily.

The other best advice she gave was the infamous "don't become discouraged". We say we won't and confidently boast about how strong we are, but let's be honest. . .  Some months are better than others, some reviews hit harder than others, some readers touch deeper than others. And being honest, yes, I'm one of many who become discouraged while waiting on that moment. But this, too, shall pass. We just have to "Keep Writing" and "Not become discouraged" to "Never Give Up."

How many rejections do you get until you let it go? -- None

How many one star reviews should you received until you draw back? -- Zero

How many tears will fall while you fight for your dreams? -- Thousands

How much heart will you put into your succession? -- All

When do you give up? -- Never.





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  1. Charlene Whitehouse

    Its like the old saying. If you fall off a horse. Get back on. Never give up your dreams.