Disappearing Act


I am so good at this magic trick I wonder how it’s so hard for me to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Life’s been a had full from getting sick to moving, from moving to trying to get settled in, from trying to get settled in to working my full time job and a slew of other things I can waste your time with reading. However, I’m not going to waste your time in reading this. Just wanting to update that I’m getting a handle back on things and am getting back on track. Expect to see more very very soon, including the release of Once Time Passed. Thank you for all your patients as likely imbalances got worked out (kinda worked out). Remember to overcome obstacles with faith in God, prayer, and believing in your ability to stay strong.

Love Life’s Loves
Felisha Antonetter

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New Site

Hello Feliants!


I’m incredibly excited to welcome you to my new site! I’m not exactly sure what happened to the other, but I believe nothing is by chance. God has our destiny designed to fit to his will so maybe it was time for us to design a completely new site. And what do you know, just in time for New Year!

I am super thankful that the site is finally and ready to roll! Thank you so much for hanging tight while we got things in order, everyone’s support and patients goes a longer way than any of us can imagine!

Moving forward, I will be coming to you with a weekly blog, may be it be a movie review, a book review, some random thought about the crazy week I had, or great news about upcoming material. I hope you all love the new look and I look forward to connecting with each of you in the future!