Blind Trust

Book Cover: Blind Trust
ISBN: 9780991381180
Pages: 258
Paperback: $ 18.00
ISBN: 9780991381197
Size: 5.50x8.50 in
Pages: 353
ISBN: 9780991381180
Pages: 253

Loving someone has never been so deadly.

Valerie Harper has one assignment, one mission. Assassinate her mark and everyone he loves. But what happens when she finds that she loves him too?

Her instructions are simple; do not fraternize with your target, observe at a distance, and never engage with the enemy. However, as things take an unexpected turn in Val's world, these simple instructions begin to change.

Refusing to be a puppet, Kyle Shultz walks away from his old life and settles into the college routine. But the life of a student is more difficult than he imagined. Making friends and attending parties are as foreign a concept as showing a target mercy.

The lines between the state of the job and the affairs of the heart are blurred as Valerie and Kyle’s worlds collide. With a maze of enemies and hit lists to navigate, will these two young adversaries proceed wide-eyed and alone into the fray? Or will they blindly trust the feelings they can no longer ignore?

Published: September 21, 2015
Publisher: Feliant Books
Reviews:Amazon Reviewer on Amazon wrote:

This book is a fascinating and

gripping love story with tons of action and suspense mixed in! This is a well written and highly intriguing

story about an assassin named Valerie Harper who falls in love with her mark while scoping him out in

order to learn his weaknesses to make him easier to kill. She’s been sent by the agency to eliminate

another assassin and former agent Kyle Shultz and his entire family and when it comes down to it finds

that she just can’t do it. Kyle gets word that she’s the one who’s been sent to take him out and it’s on

from there! This story had me on the edge of my seat the entire time wondering what would happen

next! It’s difficult enough for a newly forming relationship to get off to a good start without having to

worry about whether or not your partner is going to try and kill you at each turn. I loved the chemistry

between these two and found myself really hoping they could both learn to trust each other and work

together, if only they could put their guns and knives down long enough to get through the distrust and

insecurities! I found myself extremely frustrated at several points throughout this book with the fact

that it seemed like every time Val and Kyle would begin to break down their walls and make some

progress another conflict would arise that they would have to overcome and the walls would pop right

back up even stronger than before. I truly wasn’t sure whether these two were going to be able to get

over their issues and end up together and I was flipping through the pages as fast as I possibly could in

order to get to the end in order to find out! This book is an incredibly well written and fast paced love

story with assassins, murder and suspense and I highly recommend this read to anyone! I will definitely

be checking out more books by this author and she officially has a new fan!

Julie Gustafson on 2 Girls Who Love Books blog wrote:

Murder, craziness, spies, love is what you will get when you read this fantastic book.

What would you do if you were hired to murder the person you were falling in love with?

Val and Kyle were contract assassins. Both Val and Kyle are attracted to each other. Neither of them realize that they are hired to kill each other. Would you be able to love someone that was hired to kill you? Maybe not? It worked for them despite the lies, betrayal and hatefulness.

This book was a page-turner. Blind Trust was full of page turning moments. One page would be about lies and murder and the next would be able love and caring. This book put you on an emotional rollercoaster ride, but in a good way.

Valerie was a excellent written character. She was very strong minded, independent and not afraid of a challenge. She was fantastic.

Kyle, mister sexy man, was full of love and caring but at a distant. He tries so hard to do his job but love her at the same time. Is that even possible? Yes and he plays the role very well.

Letty on Cover to Cover Blog wrote:

Valerie and Kyle are assassins. Both great in their jobs, but not so great at following orders. When she’s assigned to kill Kyle, she studies him for a while, learning everything about her target until the time is right for her to make her move. The problem? She no longer wishes to go through with it; she has fallen in love with him. He is charming and loving with his family and this just adds to his appeal. Their paths keep crossing and Kyle begins to have an interest in her, still unaware of the predicament.

There were moments where I just scratched my head, like all the whining Val kept doing and Janet with her meddling. The fact that Val started as an assassin at such a young age was a little unbelievable to me. Kyle’s relationship with his niece Chrissy was one of the sweetest and best parts of the story. His relationship with Rick was beyond hilarious and their banter really kept me interested.

The plot is full of twists and WTF moments that keep it interesting. The characters are entertaining and well written, with different sides to them which add to the realness of their personalities. There were many moments where I wanted to smack Val and Kyle, but I was still rooting for them.

Your head will be spinning with all the news and developments. Not everyone is who they appear to be and some will definitely surprise you. The story is full of action and has moments of laughter, love, and even sadness. Murder, mayhem, twists and turns, psychological elements, deceit, romance…everything a good thriller needs.