Left In Your Shadows

Book Cover: Left In Your Shadows
Part of the Left In Your Shadows series:
  • Left In Your Shadows

Life has had its pass at Ronda (Ronnie) Wite. There isn’t much Ronnie knows about herself except two years ago, she lost the one person who mattered. Life wasn’t over when Arson died, but it had changed. And living in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania wasn’t much of an improvement.

Harrisburg wasn’t bad. Honestly, for the first time since she lost the one person who'd throw a lasso around the moon and pull it down to her, she was happy. Well, as happy as she could be. He was gone and he wasn't coming back. That is, until he showed up in the eyes of a stranger and threw her life into a tailspin.

Whispering pixies, a flying Nixes, rock stars, and annoying brothers take Ronnie from feeling alone to encouraged. The promise she’d made to no longer run, she may be able to keep. But there is one thing.


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