A Burdened Novel

Extras for A Burdened Novel can be found at the ABN website https://www.aburdenednovel.com/ 

A Burdened Novel is a crossover series (from young adult to new adult & from contemporary to paranormal) based around a couple drawn to together by a force stronger than love or hate; a human girl and a male Burdened Sephlem are mated, which we’re made to believe that it may be by chance, although it may not be.

ABN is a 4 book series that is not for the weak at heart. Written for readers who love twists in their every day love stories, and readers who love a little paranormal in their contemporary reads, ABN was purposely written with insta-love, Sephlems, level three steam, vicious action, and human/beast relationships because without it. . . well, there wouldn’t be a story to tell. Now would it?

This story does not conform to the norms we’re used to reading in this genre. Putting ‘Mature’ Young Adult reads on the map, this Paranormal Romance may seem like any other, but it’s not. . . So, hang on tight as you ride the rises and falls of these Burdened novels. You’re in for some twists and turns that you’ll never be expecting. 🙂 FA.